Poof munches on mint leaves

Poof is a guinea pig who happens to love eating herbs! She has so many favorites, it is difficult to say which she likes best - cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, fennel and mint, Poof will gobble them down without pause.

Much like humans, not all of us cavies enjoy aromatic herbs. Truffle and Revy especially dislike the pungent scent of basil. When confronted by basil leaves Revy always lifts her piggy lips in disgust, backs up and runs away as far as possible from the offending odor.

However, Poof adores eating herbs - the more odoriferous the better!


  1. She is so cute! I've never tried giving my piggies fresh herbs. They love all kinds of veggies, though. Might give it a try some day. :o)

  2. I Dusty have neeeever beeen given herbs by my momeeeee!:( I weeeel try to tell my momeeee tho give meeee some!
    Dusty a guiny pig

  3. Pencils and Paint, our piggies highly recommend it! :)

    Dusty, hope you get to try some soon! Parsley is a universal piggy favorite that is not too difficult to find, perhaps you could ask your mommy for some.

  4. My lot love parsley except for Mr Woody- he donates his to share to his beloved Boomzilla.

    I gave them mint once and they looked at me with disgust.

  5. Mopsy, that produced an amusing mental image WOL. Mostly of Boomer imperiously looking down her nose with disapproval.

  6. You should see her look when Mr Woody comes for a (supervised) visit.

    Irritation, disapproval and contempt.

  7. That sounds very Boomer-like, we can only imagine her displeasure.