A Guinea Pig's Normal Body Temperature

Fellow cavies, does your human like to spend extra time cuddling you on chilly days? Well, this is because us guinea pigs operate at a higher normal body temperature than humans do!

The average body temperature for a guinea pig ranges from 99-103.1°F (or 37.2-39.5°C).
In comparison, the normal body temperature of a healthy adult human is 98.6°F (or 37°C).

No wonder they like to use us as their own personal warming devices (aside from the fact that we are cute and cuddly of course). Remember to send them a food bill for using your snuggling services.

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  1. That is so interesting, I had noticed that certain of our pigs radiate heat (Captain Pig in particular) but did not know it was because their body temperature is higher.

  2. Just another excuse to spend extra time cuddling! ;)