Sharing hay and grass

It was surprisingly sunny out yesterday (73 degrees F) so we piggies got to sit outside and munch on timothy hay while one of our slaves changed our cages indoors.

You can hear us chewing and Revy squeaking in the video - she does like to talk a lot, even while eating. She is without a doubt the loudest and most talkative cavy we have ever met, you should hear her wheeking for food. She is positively deafening (in case you missed it, listen to her super loud wheeking here).

We also got to enjoy some freshly picked grass from the lawn. Our slave couldn't collect it fast enough, not with the way we were stuffing our mouths...


  1. My girls are totally jealous! Heck, so am I!

  2. Revy has a most impressive ability to grizzle while eating!

  3. Revy is quite adept at complaining while multitasking at a variety of chores, including eating, pooping, rampaging and being petted.