Happy New Year!

111230 a

Whee would like to wish everybody and everypiggy a happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely time. We piggies stayed up late to ring in the new year. Or at least that was the plan...

Our night started out splendidly - we all feasted on carrots, lettuce and carrot wine*.

111230 b

In fact, we were having such a good time, somepiggy managed to bring down the disco ball!

111230 c
"Not guilty!"
Regardless, we carried on with our piggy party. But Revy must have had a little too much fun, since she was the first to retire to her pigloo.

111230 d
Revy prefers carrot to carrot wine

The remaining pigs (Poof, Truffle, Belka and myself Peaches) continued to wait for the new year to arrive. At some point, Truffle and Belka even got into a tug of war match over a stray carrot. I think Belka won that one, but Truffle had some extra carrot stashed in the crest on her head anyways. Truffle was in a mildly grumpy mood because her boarfriend Steve wasn't around to give her a midnight kiss.

111230 e

Soon Belka and I were the only ones left waiting for the clock to strike twelve. However, Belka had trouble staying awake on a full tummy. I finally threw in the towel after she fell asleep leaning on me. A piggy has to draw the line somewhere, and I didn't want her to claim my favorite cozy!

111230 f

Oh well. Whee still had lots of fun, and there is always next year.

111230 g
The aftermath

Happy 2012, everypiggy!

111230 h
Pooped out in the pigloo
*No actual alcohol consumption was involved.


  1. There is much squealing and cooing from here at the pictures.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year to you and all peegs too, Mopsy!

  3. Wonderful pigtures of wonderful piggies. Happy New Year from myself, Badger aad the staff.
    Love, Billy.