Hug your piggies daily!


Don't forget to hug your piggies daily! Like every other pet, guinea pigs need love and affection. The more time you spend talking to, feeding, and handling them, the closer your bond will be. With time, your cavy will learn to be more trusting and comfortable around you.

Besides, hugging piggies is therapeutic - not only are we soft and cuddly, but we also retain soothing aromatherapy properties (Eau de Pig: top notes of lettuce, parsley, and other herbs, middle notes of cucumber, bottom notes of fresh hay).

Under extremely cozy conditions, we piggies also emit sleep inducing nap fumes so please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence.



  1. My four get cuddled on rotation in the morning and evening. Sir Harry first so he will settle down- he goes mental if he smells other pigs. Then Woody and then the girls.

  2. How very logical and systematic! Sir Harry is quite the diva, isn't he? Doesn't like other pigs scents, disdain for pellets... :)

  3. He likes the other piggies too much! If he smells them he sits wheeking for the ladies.

    The ladies ignore him.

  4. Mopsy, I have no trouble picturing Starbuck (and Boomer especially) doing exactly that.

  5. Starbuck is naughty and sit on the hay loft flirting with Harry till he gets in a frenzy, then she jumps off and ignores him!

    Poor Sir Harry

  6. Quiet unassuming Starbuck is a tease, who would have guessed?!

    No wonder Sir Harry is filled with angst. Sigh, unrequited love