Piggy Poems: Food for thought

A brief but thought provoking poem, brought to you by yours truly - us talented guinea pigs.

I eat, therefore I poop. -Truffle
Belka sleeps, therefore I steal her food. -Peaches
I poop, therefore I eat. -Poof
I wheek, therein I receive (food). -Belka
Humans pet my chin, therefore I nip their fingers. -Revy

Which brings us to the classic question: which came first, the poop or the hay? Did the guinea pig poop because he ate the hay, or did he eat the hay to produce the poop?


  1. Bravo!

    I stare therefore the humans fear me, Boomzilla

  2. Boomzilla, excellent. Except staring entrances Woody, not scares him.