And a side of melon, please

Just to be on the safe side, our humans always accompany us guinea pigs whenever we have an outing on the lawn. Since we are such VIPs (Very Important Pigs), they also act as our personal bodyguards. Usually they bring a book to read or something to snack on while we chow on grass.

On this occasion, they brought out a bowl of watermelon for themselves. Scenting watermelon in the air, Revy headed for the bowl, perched on the rim, lowered her head in and seized a piece for herself. Not satisfied with only one chunk, she quickly returned for seconds but our humans whisked the bowl away before she got her paws on another. Revy scrabbled onto the piece of cardboard they were sitting on and scampered around looking for the bowl before begrudgingly returning to the grass.

Meanwhile, the rest of us were perfectly content to graze. Guess Revy wanted a side dish of melon to go along with her grass entree. That crazy peeg!

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