How to dry corn husks for guinea pigs

Morry, Sharky and Coppy appreciate the results of their slaves hard work

Now that summer is around the corner, corn has been popping up for sale at our local markets. While guinea pigs shouldn't have too much corn, the husks are another story. They are nutritionally similar to grass and hay (31.6% crude fiber, 2.6% crude protein), making them a healthy snack.

Since every cavy here loves corn husks, we always pick up as much as possible and set some aside to dry and save for later. Dried husks are a favorite piggy treat that can be enjoyed even when corn goes out of season. Here are instructions on how to prepare them.

First, shuck off the outermost leaves and remove the tops if they have been left on. Discard, as these exposed sections are often the dirtiest. Continue to shuck off the inner husks and silks until the corn has been cleaned.

Remove the silks from the husks (give them to your pig to try, most love these!). Shred the husks into thinner pieces. This speeds up the drying process since narrower pieces dry more quickly than pieces left whole. Lay them on a flat surface indoors and spread them out to dry, like in the picture above.

After a few hours, the corn husks will start to curl up and dry.

Corn husks that have been thoroughly air dried will resemble the ones pictured above. The drying process usually takes about a day or two. Some form curlicues but all are coarse to the touch, similar to hay. They can then be stored in a cool, dry place away from moisture and humidity.

Guinea Lynx - Cavy Chat Corn Husks


  1. Corn is starting to be really plentiful. I've started drying my first husks today. Do you know if dried husks can be stored in a sealed container (like a ziploc bag)? Or does it need to breathe, like hay?

  2. I think its more similar to hay so I store it the same way, in a container with ventilation. A cardboard box with holes poked in to allow for air flow works seems to work well enough.

  3. thanks for the information calicavy :)

  4. Thanks for this tutorial! =oD

  5. I was worried that when corn goes out of season my little piggy wouldn't be able to have any for the winter months and she just loves it.