Happy 4th of July

Belka ringing the piggy sized Liberty Bell. PASS AND STOW

We patriotic piggies would like to say Happy Independence Day! Not that we don't love our fellow pigs across the pond (where else would we get fantastic cavy literature from?).

"When in the course of cavy events..."

Uncle Poof and Uncle Peaches in their Uncle Sam hats, newcomer Abby-Roo hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet

Hope those who are celebrating have a great day. Uncle (or should that be Aunt?) Poof would like to remind everyone to keep their cavies indoors with the windows closed during evening festivities. Many pigs can get spooked by fireworks, car alarms and other loud noises. Just ask Peaches. That scaredy-pig!


  1. Adorable pictures, as always. Though fireworks are fun, I'm always worrying about my piggies as I watch the display.

  2. Thanks Glaze :) I know what you mean. Whenever I travel I'm always worried about how my pigs are faring. It doesn't help that they hate pigsitters, not enough pampering for them.

  3. What does pass and stow signify?

    The horrors rage and sulk when left with my parents, if I leave them with my best friends (boys with one, girls with the other) they could not care less.