Piggy Christmas stockings

Guinea pig crafts Christmas gift stockings
"What do you mean, we have to share?"

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is time to hang up the Christmas stockings!

We couldn't resist these piggy sized Santa Cavy stockings from Let Sleeping Pigs Lie and purchased three - one for every two pigs.

Guinea pig Poof waits by her Santa Cavy Christmas stocking
"Santa Cavy, slip some parsley under the tree, for me," -Poof

Each festive stocking features an embroidered JinJin pig wearing a Santa hat. Although these can be hung from a tree, we plan to hang these from the cage and stuff them with cilantro or parsley. Even piggies enjoy getting into the holiday spirit!

Guinea pigs Revy and Abby-Roo waiting for treats by their Christmas stockings
"You're going to stuff these with something to eat, right?"


  1. this is a really cute post, i took a look at the "Let Sleeping Pigs Lie" website and it is adorable. My favorite one is the snowflake one with the tan Guinea Pig. I was wondering what is your favorite type of Guinea Pig?

    1. Ottersblog, I don't have a favorite type.. I love all piggies!

    2. thats cool it is hard to choose just one type to like. I like them all too!

  2. Love those pictures. Those stockings are so cute. And I really like Poof all wrapped up in that scarf. Adorable!