Dirty piggy chin

Occasionally we piggies are a bit overzealous when eating our veggies, and end up with green juices dripping down the sides of our furry chins.

A universal favorite of many cavies, dandelion greens are one vegetable we get particularly excited over. In these pictures, Coppy is munching happily away on a red stemmed batch.

Dirty piggy chin closeup:

Behold, pink piggy lips and a glimpse of piggy tongue!

Fellow piggies, do you enjoy eating dandelion greens? Do you ever look down to find green vegetable juices dripping down your chin? Or are we just a particularly mucky lot?


  1. Boomzilla, Starbuck and Woody love dandelion greens- Sir Harry has not been tried on them yet. When eating greens Starbuck sometimes has a little green chin but Boomzilla, never! Not sure how she manages to stay so pristine even, possibly she considers it beneath her position to become grubby.

    So in answer, you are not a particularly mucky lot- mine are an oddly clean bunch of pigs.

  2. LOL that does sound like Boomzilla! Of course, staying clean is far more preferable than enduring a dreaded bath. One can only imagine Boomzilla's rage.

    Cannot imagine any pig being deprived of the delight that is dandelion greens, we are sure Sir Harry will enjoy them too!

  3. There is a pile in our back garden which I will be harvesting for him once they reach the appropriate size.