Guinea Pig Magazine, a piggy lover's dream

"I'm a pretty crested too, can I be a piggy model?" -Truffle

If you consider yourself a cavy slave, then you'll without a doubt love Guinea Pig Magazine. While there are scores of dog and cat magazines on the market, hardly any are devoted exclusively to guinea pigs. The few cavy magazines that do exist are mainly targeted at breeders, and therefore are not well suited for the general public. For the average guinea pig owner hoping to learn more about the proper care of guinea pigs, GPM is a great fit.

Issues of GPM are filled with adorable pigtures, care topics, rescue stories, health tips, medical cases, personal pig interviews, fun activities for you and your piggy, and more. Past topics include finding a good guinea vet, how to syringe feed, how to collect a urine sample, worming, disaster preparedness, weight and overfeeding. Articles on appropriate toy options and cage add-ons make life fun for your guinea, while personal piggy stories fill out the human interest side of things. Readers can also submit questions and send in pictures of their own pigs to be featured in the magazine.

Peaches, Truffle, Poof and Belka admire their pigture in GPM

Coppy made it in too!

We received the most recent 2011 Nov/Dec holiday issue (Issue 5) only yesterday and have already devoured it from cover to cover. We were incredibly excited to see pictures of our very own Coppy, Peaches, Truffle, Poof and Belka included in GPM! Highlights included a heartwarming rescue story, a guide on how to perform a basic cavy health check at home, hideaway toy ideas, and a list of important things to consider if you're trying to decide on whether guinea pigs are the right pet for you. Our favorite was the guide on how to make your own personalized guinea pig Christmas tree decorations. Meanwhile, Laura's moving story of saying goodbye to her Gwenivere brought tears to our eyes and will touch a chord with anyone who has ever lost one of their beloved pigs.

GPM is a great piggy periodical, we highly recommend it. They are UK based, but deliver worldwide. Currently they are having a buy 5 issues get 1 free special, so take advantage if you're interested. To subscribe, visit their website (be sure to click on the adorable walking piggies!).


  1. UK based- get in! I am subscribing like a loon and getting one for my twin too.


  2. :P! Hope you both will enjoy it!